If you are reading this, it is most likely that you’ve stumbled upon this blog while researching your trip to Niagara Falls. In other words, you’re about to embark on a journey, an adventure of sorts.

moon-travel-guides-logoSo am I.

Some otherwise knowledgeable people at Perseus Books Group have asked me to write a travel guide for the Niagara Falls Region. When complete, my scribbling would join the legitimate authors who’ve penned the reputable series of travel books known as Moon Guides.

I love telling the story of Niagara, but writing a book is at once energizing and frightening. Like the first time you ride the big-boy roller coaster and you’re paused at the peak of the first enormous  hill.  For a moment you wonder if this adventure was a good idea.   I do have some experience in writing–my degree is in broadcast journalism from Syracuse University.  I’ve even played a journalist on TV for a while, I’ve never written long form before.

The people at Moon are extremely supportive, and I’ve turned to their web site for inspiration.  It bothers me that I do not look like any of their authors pictured on the site–I am neither a swarthy Latin or thin old balding guy with a dog.  I’m just a guy with a camera, pad, pen and motorcycle documenting the lesser known beauties of this region.

Stay tuned as I tackle this challenge.