See that blond haired kid up there in the picture? That’s me in 1968. Yes, I’m tethered to my Grandma with a length of clothesline. This image shows me engaged in early research on Niagara Falls (near the Whirlpool, to be exact).

Since I was a kid, I’ve always been fascinated by the Falls. Many Sundays were spent exploring Niagara as a kid–hiking the gorge, swimming in the river, getting soaked in the mist and fantasizing about owning the over priced authentic rubber tomahawks sold in souvenir shops.

As I got older I went away to college, earned a journalism degree, traveled, came back home, did stand-up comedy, got real jobs and was injured in a freak accident involving a rubber tomahawk. But throughout it all, the Falls called to me. At first I thought it was just the voices in my head that routinely tell me crazy things like aliens live amongst us or that some taxes are temporary.

But In fact, it WAS Niagara that was calling to me. However, I put Niagara on call waiting while I worked various responsible jobs. Finally I gave in and began learning everything I could about the Falls. At first I learned facts. But with time I learned something much more important than the facts; I learned the story of the Falls.  Eventually a travel guide book publisher asked me to write a guide book for Niagara Falls.

The story of the Falls is what I present to you on our walking tour. I throw in a little improv comedy and maybe some street magic–but the tremendous story of Niagara is the heart of the tour.

If you’re coming to Niagara and looking for fun, to learn a little, laugh a little…then check out my tour. I have four children and several wives to feed and they would appreciate it.