There are two basic types of tours we offer at Niagara Falls.   Private tours are customized tours for your group members only.  Private tours are closed to the public.  Our exclusive tours combine small family groups into one group, never larger than 12 people.  Typically our exclusive tours are between 2-6 people; generally couples who are well adjusted and have excellent hygiene.
Private Tours Exclusive Tours
Cost $85 an hour $120 per person
Choose when your tour starts Yes No
Choose your own itinerary Yes No
Choose length of tour Yes No
Ability to change itinerary Yes No
Meals included Yes No
Ice water and snacks included inside the vehicle Yes Yes
Guide joins you aboard Maid of the Mist Yes Yes
Pre-trip consultation to maximize your travel plans Yes Yes


Exclusive Tours are great for people who want a superior guide experience but are not interested in the expense of the Private tour.  Exclusive tours offer something other public bus tours can’t offer–small, family groups.  Our exclusive tour will never be larger than 12 people.  Usually our tour accommodates 2-6 people.

Private Tours are geared towards travelers who want a premium, personalized experience.  The major issue is that these tours cost more.  On our private tours you are the only people in the group.  We start when you want, where you want.  We have suggestions for an itinerary, but every trip is customized to meet your needs.  Want to stay longer at an attraction?  See a yard sale you want top stop at?  We can do it.  Is the weather bad?  Let’s change the agenda to make the most of it.  Suppose you would like to add a helicopter flight over Niagara Falls or are interested in learning more about Nikola Tesla at Niagara–we can do that because you are the only people on the tour.

Another plus of private tours is that we consult with you in advance of your trip.  We are regional experts and can help you map out the best way to experience Niagara.  Finally, the most important aspect of any tour is the guide.  He or she is the heart of the experience.  I choose to do one tour a day at the Falls.  I can focus on your group’s needs and deliver an entertaining and engaging experience.  Although this personal attention costs more, we feel it is worth it.