Things to do in Niagara Falls

There are many tours available for Niagara Falls.

Here’s why you should choose this one.

So you’re coming to the Falls and are bewildered by the number of attractions, events and tours that are available.  Which ones to choose?

The good news is that there are numerous  bus companies that will take you around  to  see the major attractions in Niagara for approximately $85-$100 per person.  You are likely to have a  pleasant experience.  My tours are more expensive—what justifies  the extra cost?

Difference #1-Smaller is Better

My private tours are just that—private.  It’s just your group and myself doing whatever you want on your time schedule.  My Exclusive Tours combine small families (couples, mostly) into a small group.  I never exceed 12 people on a tour and most of my tours have 2-6 guests.    Other companies will typically place you on a tour bus that can hold  20-40 people.  As a guide, large groups force you become more of an administrator and baby sitter and less of a storyteller.  I should know.  I’ve worked for the other companies before I started my own guide service.

Difference #2-It’s all about the Experience

I’ve seen many guides who are adequate, but not entertaining.  They recite a litany of facts and drive you from one stop to the next.  I think you deserve better.  My tours are designed to be a show—an engaging combination of entertainment and information.  I invite you to check out the Trip Advisor ratings on the right hand side of this page.  I think tell the story better than I can.

Difference #3-Humor

When I was young (when I had only one chin), I performed stand-up comedy.  I have learned how to blend humor and history , sightseeing and some silliness into an entertaining tour.   If you like to laugh a little and learn a little while touring, then I’m your guide.  If you have no sense of humor, cannot laugh at ethnic self-depreciation then my tour is not for you.  On my tours you are likely to hear bad harmonica playing, worse singing and how I hypnotize squirrels.    If you find that intriguing, read on.

Difference #4-Passion

See that blonde kid attached to his grandmother via a length of clothesline in the image at the top of the page?  That’s me in 1968 doing research on Niagara Falls.  It’s in my blood.

Leading tours at Niagara is not just my job, its my passion.  I quit my corporate job because I am driven to tell Niagara’s story.  I’m the only  Niagara Falls guide who has written a book about the region.  I also have a background in  broadcast journalism and stand-up comedy.    My unique training and passion for the Falls make for a singularly entertaining experience.

If you’ve taken the time to read this far down the text, I believe you are the type of person who will invest time in planning the best vacation.  I strongly suspect that you are the perfect guest for my tour.  I humbly and respectfully ask you to give me a try.