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Niagara Falls fireworks tour

Tour Registration

Use our on-line system to reserve your tickets.  Pay for tickets on site, cash only,  at our kiosk located at 307 Prospect St, Niagara Falls, NY 14303. (Kiosk pictured in adjacent image)

How To Find Us

Tickets are purchased at the Bike Rental Kiosk located at the corner of Prospect St. and Old Falls St. in Niagara Falls, USA.  


-Old Falls St. is the only cobblestone street in the Falls.  It runs from the Casino to the entrance of the State Park.

-The bike rental kiosk is located one block south of the Hard Rock Cafe.

-Tours depart from the park entrance immediately across the street from the kiosk (look for the large stone walls leading to the park entrance).


When Should I Arrive On Site to Register and Pay for my Tickets?

Arrive no later than 8:15 PM.

What if it is raining?

We go rain or shine as long as it is not lightning.

Is This Scary?

This is a family friendly tour focusing on excellent storytelling and entertainment.  We do not use any bloody props or gimmicks to scare guests.  However, like most ghost tours, we discuss death, the paranormal, suicides and tragedies that occurred here.  Parents need to decide if this content is appropriate for children.

Are There Bathrooms?

 Washrooms are located within the state park, but plan on not being able to use one for about an hour into the tour.

What If I Am Late?

We value our guests' time and leave promptly at 8:30 PM.  We are not able to wait for late guests.  If you're running late, check in at the kiosk and you'll be directed to where the tour group will be.  You maybe able to catch up--but we prefer that everybody arrive 15 minutes early so you can enjoy the entire show.

Where Does The Tour End?

The tour ends on Luna Island with the fireworks display at 10 PM.  You may choose to end the tour and stay inside the park.  As a courtesy, your guide will bring you back to the original starting point should you wish.  The fireworks last until 10:05 PM, plan on returning with the guide to the starting point by 10:25 PM.